Green Line

Traditional home insecticides are manufactured with components which in high doses or prolonged exposure can damage your health. Our group of professionals are day by day interested in finding new products that improve life quality of our customers. Therefore Agentx® launches "Green Line", an innovative range of pest control products made with natural poison-free formulations with laboratory proven effectiveness. Recommended for: homes, restaurants , factories, schools , hospitals , barns and any other place where the use of poisons is risky. These systems are currently used by most important pest control companies around the world.


Poison-free. Environmentally friendly and can be use for long terms without side effects. Safer for your family. No risk for children and pets.


Proven repellent action with laboratory studies support.


Safe and practical packaging. Without direct contact with active components.

Easy to use

Just place the device in the desired room and ready to use! No need for plugs or refills.

Good deal

Lasts 5 to 6 weeks without buying expensive refills. Works anywhere at any time. Don't need electricity, batteries or other requirements.